White Tea for Weight Loss

Acai Berries are quickly becoming a “fast-track to health” product in America and Europe. While many people are trying acai berries and putting them into their everyday lives, few people understand the benefits behind them. Taking acai berries can have a dramatic improvement on your regular health, and many people have found acai to be a friend in their struggle to lose weight, reduce stress, or reduce the noticeable and sometimes painful effects of aging. Researchers in major companies and health-oriented projects are constantly looking for the next healthy alternative to some of the terrible foods we eat in the modern world today. When a revolutionary product like acai berries are found, many researchers focus on finding the full benefits of that product before they figure out combinations it may work with. However, it’s recently been discovered that white tea, an ancient predominantly Chinese drink, combined with acai berries, can provide an anti-oxidant boost that is virtually unrivaled in nature, science, and beyond.

Benefits of White Tea and Antioxidants

  • White Tea has been used as a medicine in China for thousands of years, and as a culture America is far behind in recognizing the benefits of this drink. White Tea was virtually unknown in America until a few years ago, when the popularity of green tea led to an increased interest in tea, and the discovery that tea could actually take many different forms.
  • All tea leaves actually come from the same plant, but differ in the way in which they are processed. White Tea leaves are processed the least out of any tea (the next being green, and then oolongs and blacks) and thus retain the majority of the plants original nutrients and antioxidants. Why are antioxidants beneficial? It is because antioxidants eliminate free radicals in your system, which cause aging and can lead to adverse health issues.
  • White Tea also has been shown to have a large effect on your immune system, providing incredible protection against everything from minor to serious illness. In China, tea is often drank as a short-term fever reducer, and as a means of regaining strength during illness. Research suggests that the tea has a significant hand in preventing cancer and heart disease, and even improves the health of your teeth if consumed often.
  • It is recommended that you drink 3-4 cups of green or white tea a day to gain the most benefit that this natural health aid has to offer. Alternatively, supplements of white tea have been shown to duplicate the effects that a consistent tea drinker would feel, and eliminate the hassle of tea preparation. Proper preparation of tea can be unrealistic for the busy lives that we have in the modern world. In this case, supplements are recommended.

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