Acai Berry Side Effects Warning

Living in a society such as we do, where we have the freedom to express our opinions it’s an open invitation to bad news on just about anything good that happens. Thanks to our physics professors we know that every movement has an equal and opposite force. As the benefits of the acai fruit become more publicized and known the opposition has riddled the media with ill-will against the beneficial berry. Knowing that something of value put forth will by the laws of physics attract opposition makes it easy to take the spiteful commentary in stride.

What’s the Bad about Acai?

The resistance to the inherent goodness of the acai berry shows up in the form of statements regarding side effects. Let’s take a look at what’s actually being said and examine the validity of the declarations.

Taking acai will cause side effects like ephedra or guarana. No, this is not a fact. Acai fruit does not contain caffeine or other stimulants so it won’t give you a caffeine-like buzz. It will not harm your heart, kidneys or liver.
Acai will interact with prescription drugs much like grapefruit. This is not a fact. People that take statin drugs for high cholesterol should be concerned about grapefruit, but acai has been shown to cause no reactions while taking prescription drugs.

The News is All Good

Guess what folks?! The two points mentioned above are the most damaging comments that have been mentioned regarding the use of the palm fruit. There is no published medical literature that reports any side effects of taking acai berry in any of its commercially prepared forms. No person that suffers from high blood pressure or kidney disease has reported side effects from taking acai products.

The acai berry was introduced to the Western market in the 1990′s. There are extra calories in the juice or drinks made from the fruit, but that has been resolved with the development of low or no calorie supplements.

Medical Experts Say It Makes Sense

The fruit contains polyphenols (plant nutrients) that act as natural vasodilators, meaning they can dilate blood vessels. This stimulates increased blood flow and is helpful for any condition that benefits from this effect. It has received rave reviews from users for promoting weight loss and lowering cholesterol levels. The medical profession continues to conduct studies on the use of acai berry products and after all these years has nothing detrimental to report. The general consensus is that based on the nutritional value of the fruit, it makes sense to include it as a dietary supplement. Get yours today!

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